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What’s is Gel Nail? What are the advantages and differences from Manicure?

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Hey, I see more and more nail salons offer Gel nail in the Philippines!!
Oh yes, you are right.

There used to be standard manicure in salons. Gel nail became so popular in those couple years!!

I am so interested!! What’s the advantage of gel nail? Why it is so popular now?
Sure why not! Let me explain!

Deference between Gel Nail and Manicure

Some time ago, when people hear nail, they thought about manicure.

After gel nail remover was invented, gel nail became mainstream.

Gel nail is performed using gel applied to nail and hardened by UV or LED light.

Unlike manicure, you do not need to apply and dry but to harden by applying LED light.

Once it is hardened, it won’t fell off. You can touch it or you can even use your hands immediately.

Benefit of gel nail

Very glossy

Gel nail has very bright and vivid color.

Some people say they like it not only because of its beautiful color but because of gel nail’s cute appearance.

Gel nail provide you glossy, transparent and beautiful finger tip.

Long lasting for 3-4 weeks. Normally 3~4 weeks.

Compared to manicure, gel nail last much much longer. In addition, after it is hardened, you can touch your nail or do houseworks.

Generally, gel nail’s gloss and transparency last for 3 – 4 weeks.

If gel nail is applied with proper skill, it won’t fell off.

Able to grow nail beautifully

If you apply gel nail, you can strengthen your nature nail even if you have thin and hard to grow long.

Which means you can grow nice and beautifully.

But you have to be aware that if you choose hard gel, you will need to scratch your nail to remove gel.

Therefore, if you have such nail, you should choose soft gel. Soft gel is good for such nail since you can dissolve by remover.

Easy to add art


Unlike manicure, gel nail won’t get hardened until LED light is applied.

Also, it has higher viscosity and easier to apply in detail, you can add more decoration than manicure.

If you want to add some stones on your nail, you don’t have to rush since it won’t get hardened until LED light is applied.


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