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Want to prevent dull & oily skin? CEZANNE,Light blue color for base makeup

Light blue! New color from CEZANNE

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CEZANNE’s anti-oily-sebum base makeup is popular that it prevents you from oily skin and make your skin smooth.

There will be new color, light blue. It will cover dull skin and make it look clearer skin. Let’s also check more products of CEZANNE.

CEZANNE is popular base makeup


You probably saw this base makeup in SNS. I think some of you have already tried!

CEZANNE’s anti-oily-sebum base makeup will keep your skin smooth.

Many fans are attracted for its function and also the low price.

Light blue! New color from CEZANNE

Light blue! New color from CEZANNE

There will be new color for this product.

It will be light blue. Perhaps CEZANNE users are curious about this for a while.

Some people are talking about it in SNS.

Light blue is already sold in limited areas. So some people already tried it.

For Philippines, you can find it on online store.

Light blue! New color from CEZANNECEZANNE – UV Ultra Fit Base N SPF 36 PA++ (#01 Light Blue)


Why light blue base makeup?

Do you think light blue won’t fit you?

Actually, it can cover yellowish dull skin or reddish undertones skin. Then it will help making your clear skin.

Light blue base makeup has function to cover dull skin and let your skin look clear.

Yellowish dull skin caused by aging or reddish skin undertones can be covered by light blue.

This is how you use it♡


This is how it looks like. It is blue but it is light blue.

Don’t you think dull skin is covered and looks brighter?

It is better to moisturize first before you apply.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer before applying anti-oily-sebum base makeup.

By applying moisturizer first, it will be more effective. Let moisturizer sink deeper then apply this.

Many people apply moisturizing lotion before makeup.

Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF15 40mlSage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF15 40ml

Aesop moisturizing cream has high moisture retaining which is recommended for people with dry skin.
It is SPF which protects your skin from strong sunshine in PH.

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Paul & Joe Moisturizing Fluid Foundation (#102)

Paul & Joe’s base foundation has several colors so that you can find something that is close to your skin color.
Don’t you think their bottles are cute?


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