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The right order to apply base makeup, foundation and sunblock? Let’s review basics for makeup♡

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Hi everyone!

Are you aware of the right order to apply base makeup, foundation and sunblock? If you are not sure of right order, why don’t you take some quiz and review!

We will introduce you basic order for skin care, base makeup and eye makeup and also cosmetic products for beginners!! We wishing you to be more beautiful…!

Do you know the right order to apply base makeup and skin care?

Are you aware of the right order to apply base makeup and skin care? As for base makeup, do you know which one should be applied first? Base makeup, foundation or sunblock.

If you can’t answer right away… let’s review!

Let’s review the basics for makeup through quiz together. We also introduce you cosmetic or skin care goods that are good for beginners. Let’s review the order once again and be more beautiful!!

* Depending on the skin care goods, the order may be different.

Q1. What is the basic order for applying skin care products?


Here is the first question!

Skin care products are such as Serum, Booster, Lotion, Milky Lotion and cream. Do you know the right order to apply those?

The answer is….

  1. Booster (This will make Serum matches better to your skin)
  2. Serum (This will moisturize your skin)
  3. Lotion (There are various functions to make your skin beautiful)
  4. Milky lotion (This will retain moisture in skin)
  5. Cream (This has more oil than cream that retain moisture in skin)

Those are basic order to apply skin care products.

Generally, smoother product can be applied first. Did you get the right answer??

I don’t really know what is Booster? What do you recommend?

Here are my recommendations of Booster!
etude house collagen facial tonerETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

Booster is not well known as Serum or Milky lotion. Here is some introduction about it.

Etude House Moistfull CL First is good for applying right after face wash. It will give you moisture to your face and lead to mild skin.

You can find at the official store of Etude house in SM and Ayala malls.

Buy on Galleon

I don’t want to think about order!!

Saborino Morning Face Mask (32 sheets) – Japanese Facial Sheet Mask for Busy Morning

This sheet will fit all purposes. While you are using this face mask, it will wash your face, care your skin and add base moisture.

You don’t have to think about the order. This may be good for busy morning too!

Q2. What is the basic order for base makeup?

k i h o 🍋さん(@_ki.ho__mt)がシェアした投稿

Here is the second question! There are base, foundation and sunblock for base makeup. Do you know what is the right order to apply those?\

The answer is…

  1. Sunblock (It will protect your skin from ultraviolet rays)
  2. Base makeup (It will make foundation last longer)
  3. Foundation (it will make your skin look beautiful)

Depending on ingredients, those order may change but basically above is the order. Did you have right answer in your mind?

Do you wanna make Base Makeup simpler?

Shiseido MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB SPF30 / PA++

This base makeup already contains sunblock ingredient.

Therefore you can apply foundation right after you applied this. This will help you to support your skin to keep foundation longer.

Saborino Morning Face Mask (32 sheets) – Japanese Facial Sheet Mask for Busy Morning

This sebum collapse preventive base will support your sebum and good for oily skin.

It is also SPF20 PA++ so that it will protect your from ultraviolet rays.

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Q3. What is the basic order for eye makeup?

Here is the third question. Do you know the right order to apply eye makeup?

Mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner are the cosmetic products for eye makeup. Which one do you apply first??

The answer is…

  1. Eyeshadow (It will add shadow on eyelid)
  2. Eyeliner (It will make your eyes looks clearer)
  3. Mascara (It will make your eyelash look darker)

These are the basic order for eye makeup.

But sometimes eyeshadow is used to blur eyeliner.

So depending on how you want to do makeup, eyeshadow and eyeliner order may be switched.

After reviewing, I feel like my makeup skill has improved!

How many correct answer did you get?
We are hoping that you will be more beautiful after learning the right order!!

Please share! 🙂