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The importance of the base makeup. Here are 5 primer for sensitive skin or rough skin

I have to do base makeup…. :' (

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We recommend the primers by 5 brands such as MISSHA or ETVOS that are recommended for those who has sensitive skin, dry skin or uncomfortable skin due to the period.

All of them are mild and good for sensitive skin. Also, they are decent price so that you can try without hesitation.

I have to do base makeup…. :’ (

I have to do base makeup…. :' (

When you have rough skin or sensitive skin, maybe you don’t feel like doing base makeup. But if you have important meeting, you have to makeup….

Here are primers that are recommended for such situation.

Entry No.1: MISSHA M Herbal Patch Cream


Here is MISSHA. Their cushion foundation is well known. ( M Herbal Cream is the green one in the center)

M Herbal Cream is green colored base which can cover acne scars and reddish undertone skin.

It is green cream yet as you apply to your skin, it will turn skin color. It also has UV cut function yet it is low priced.


As you see in the video, cream will turn natural skin color.

This is recommended for those who have sensitive skin, have acnes, rough skin or reddish undertone skin.

It’s easy to try because it is low priced. The combination with MISSHA Cushion Foundation is perfect!

missha store in PhilippinesMissha Herbal patch cream

This is green cream that covers acne scar or reddish undertone. As you apply, it will turn natural color.

you can find it on Missha store in SM and Ayala malls in Philippines.

Entry No.2:La Roche-Posay UV Idea XL Protection BB


This is primer that protect you from UV or pollen. La Roche-Posay is compounded with French spring water and exclusively for sensitive skin.

Since this is BB cream, maybe it is enough for natural makeup or being casual.


This is natural color cream.

La Roche-Posay has awarded several prizes and very well known.

What is good about this brand is that you can wash away by face wash without using makeup remover.

If you are a little bit lazy for removing makeup, this is it.

La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL Multi-Protective Shield BB Cream

This is the primer that also protect you from UV. It will protect you from pollen as well.

Entry No.3: Embryolisse Moisture cream

shiho konnoさん(@shihoriiiiim)がシェアした投稿

Maybe you have seen this cream in the magazines or so. This cream is well known for base cream.

This blue packaged cream is for someone with normal or dry skin.

Since it is moisture retaining cream, you can apply it at the last in the morning.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream)

It will function as moisture retaining and base makeup!!

Entry No.4: Curel BB Cream


Curel is the brand for dry or sensitive skin.

They are also providing base makeup products. We’d like introduce BB cream that contains Ceramide and it will keep your skin moisturized. (lower right)

This is also BB cream so you can complete base makeup only with this.

Curel BB Cream SPF28 PA++

Ceramide containing BB cream. This is suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Maybe this in enough for your natural makeup day’s base makeup!!

Entry No.5: ETVOS Mineral UV Glowbase


ETVOS is known for mineral cosmetic brand.

Their products are easy to wash away by face wash. It will reduce the burden to your skin by makeup remover.

This primer is co-developed with Mr. Yusuke Kohoku, the hair makeup artist.

When I observed some Youtuber used this product, it looked natural and watery texture.

If you apply to your face, you will feel its light, moisturize your skin and will be shiny skin. If you want to make you shiny skin, this can be the one for you.

I want to makeup and take a good care of my skin at same time♡

Sometimes your skin become rough or sensitive with daily makeup. That’s the time you can look for base makeup products for sensitive skin!!


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