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How to refresh your makeup.Tips to keep yourself pretty whole day♡

I had perfect makeup in the morning...but...

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Hi everyone! Do you refresh your makeup during a day??

Here is the introduction to refresh your makeup! We will introduce guideline for dry skin and oily skin.

Also, we will suggest some cosmetic products for refreshing your makeup!!

I had perfect makeup in the morning…but…

I had perfect makeup in the morning...but...

Before going out, I did perfect makeup.
It was perfect in the morning, but it is already coming off by the noon :,-(

I don’t know how to refresh my makeup!!

I often hear about refreshing makeup but I am not very sure how to do it!

Here are introductions for how to refresh your makeup! I think those introductions will be helpful to you.

How to refresh makeup is depends on the condition of your skin

Depending on the causes of coming off, your best refreshing method will be different.

There is different way to refresh your makeup if your makeup came off because of dryness or sebum.

Let’s see different methods for refreshing makeup.

What are required for refreshing makeup

What are required for refreshing makeup

Here are items that you should carry everyday.

  • Blotting paper or makeup sponge
  • Milky lotion
  • Concealer

Those items are essential for both dry skin or oily skin person.

If your makeup came off because of dryness

If your makeup came off because of dryness

Here are tips for dryness caused makeup came off.

Firstly it is important to moisturize. Let’s clean up the portion where makeup came off by milky lotion.

While cleaning makeup, it will moisturize your skin. Then apply concealer to your skin to complete refreshing.

You have done makeup in the morning but later on pores will be uncovered and foundation turn muddy.

In that case, apply milky lotion by cotton and clean foundation. Then apply concealer lightly.

Clean your makeup where it came off

Small Cosmetics Plastic Bottle Travel Portable

Here is a small container for cream.

You can fill this small container with your favorite milky lotion so that you don’t have to buy easy to carry milky lotion.

Johnson & Johnson cottonbudsJohnson & Johnson Cotton buds

50 sticks of antibacterial cotton buds.

Cotton bud is very useful for makeup around eyes and nose. Also it is easy to carry around.

Cover with concealer

Maybelline Master Camouflage Concealer Palette (Light)

You can mix colors to make suitable color for you.

It contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and silicic acid so that it will cover your skin while moisturizing.

If your makeup came off because of sebum

If sebum was the reason of makeup come off, use blotting paper to remove sebun then refresh your makeup. You can apply powder in the end to make it nice.

Remove unnecessary sebum by blotting paper then apply milky lotion by cotton. It will make very clean look.

Wipe sebum(oily face) by blotting paper

Oil absorbing sheets Blotting paper

This will remove sebum and sweat at same time.

When it absorbs sebum, it will change the color.

Cover your skin by concealer

Fit Me Flawless Natural Concealer

It will naturally fit to your skin and make it clean.

It will keep your makeup last long.

There are several colors. Find the fit color to your skin.

Apply powder in the end

Canmake Transparent Finish Powder SPF41/PA++

The clear powder suitable to apply in day and night.

Since it is transparent, it doesn’t cover your skin much yet it will make your skin nice and soft.

This is suitable for last step to complete your makeup.

INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Powder

This is very popular mineral powder in South Korea.

It absorbs unnecessary sebum and protect you from makeup comes off.

Tips to refresh your makeup

For dry skin

  • Clean your makeup while moisturizing by milky lotion
  • Cover by concealer

For oily skin

  • Clean sebum by blotting paper
  • Covery by concealer
  • Apply powder

Keep above rules and it will be easy to refresh makeup

Refresh your makeup

Keep yourself be pretty for all day

Please share! 🙂