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Makeup tips for dating and evening party

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Hey I’m having a party with my friends on this Friday night.

How can I do makeup to be prettier in night party!?

Haha,You always want to be pretty in front of boyfriend or friends of course.

What should you do?

You should focus on eyeshadow.

Pearl or sparkle eye makeup can collect light in the night. Let’s be pretty in the night to see your loved one.

Late night is the time when your makeup and skin condition may get the worst.

But to see my partner with confidence, here is how to do your night makeup.

Consider light in the night

Consider light in the night

In the dark night, your face may look gloomy.

That’s why you should care about eyeshadow. Add shining sparkle to light up. It will make you look more attractive.

Do you think adding sparkle is easy? We will introduce you variety of different sparkle.

Size of sparkle matters!

Size of sparkle matters!

Depending on the size of sparkle you use, you will look different.

What is your favorite sparkle size?

Be cute with large pearl sparkle!

Large sparkle that glitter around your eyes.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow (Golden)

You can add sparkles to your eye makeup.

This is good for someone who wants to be cute.

Large pearl sparkle that collect light. You can add to your regular eye makeup.

Be matured with small pearl sparkle!


Small sparkle that add glitter to your eyes.

ADDICTION Beauty The Eyeshadow So Gorgeous 072

Small sparkle that add glitter to your eyes.

ADDICTION The Eyeshadow  is for you.

You will see it adds a little shine to your eyes. This is good for someone who wants to look mature.

For those who want both!!

canmake jewelry shadow veil

This is recommended for those who wants to add both large and small sparkle.

CANMAKE Jewelry Shadow Veil contains both small and large sparkle. Watch video to learn how it looks like!!


Jewelry Shadow Veil 02Canmake – Jewelry Shadow Veil (#02 Romantic Gold)

The eyeshadow that contains both small and large sparkle.

It is popular in SNS. It can be used in different occasions.


You want Long lasting glitter?

When you date with someone in the night, I know you care about makeup lasting.

While you are enjoying time with loved one, you don’t want to concern about your makeup.

You need long lasting sparkle too!!

Try cream based sparkle

Cream based sparkle is long lasting.

Aolvo 15 Colors Waterproof Long Lasting Shimmer Glow Glitter Eyeshadow Cream

It spreads well on eyelid and last long.


decorte-eyeglow-gemDecorté Eye Glow Gem (Various Shades)

This is fine pearl sparkle to make you look elegant.

There are 30 different colors such as brown, green, pink and so on.

Add a pop of color to your makeup look. An illuminating eyeshadow with glossy, three-dimensional finish.

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Are you ready for dating tonight?

Your are ready with your night makeup. You will look different from last time!

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