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How to get white skin? This is proper skin-whitening technic!

2.Do not scrub too hard

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Are you sure that you are not over whitening?

Let’s get genuine skin whitening that no one will points out color of your face and neck are too different. There are 3 steps cleansing, right way to use skin care products and also nutrition required for that.

Isn’t your face too white with makeup?

“She is so pretty with white skin” “Hey but doesn’t she look too white?”

I guess you have heard of this conversation before. Maybe you thought the girl is like a ghost.

Are you sure that others don’t think about you that way??

But don’t you worry!!Let’s get natural white skin that everyone envies.

1.Know your face color without makeup

When you do makeup everyday, don’t you forget real natural color of your skin?

Let’s face yourself once again and you might find something new.

Do you remove your makeup completely?

Do you remove your makeup completely?

Cleansing your makeup is very important step though it may sounds nothing to do with skin whitening.

There are various cleansing such as cream, oil, gel, liquid and so on.

Are you choosing suitable method for cleansing?

If makeup is not removed completely, it will be the burden to your skin.

3 Steps for cleansing

1.Different cleansing for eye makeup

1.Different cleansing for eye makeup

Don’t satisfy with your eye makeup today! Tomorrow’s pretty you is today’s cleansing.

The heaviest makeup will be applied to your eyes.

It is not easy to remove so let’s do cleansing separately from base makeup removal.

If you try to remove base makeup and point makeup at same time, you may need to scrub little hard which may possibly be burden to your skin.

Basically, it is better to remove point makeup first.

2.Do not scrub too hard

2.Do not scrub too hard

Hmm… Scrubbing hard seems to be cleaning better but it is damaging your skin. Let’s change the face wash method from today!

Start washing from T zone (forehead and nose) where there are more sebum. Then wash your cheek tenderly.

Wash surrounding of eyes and mouth in the end.

Especially skin around that area is thin and delicate, you have to apply cleansing nice and soft.

3.Rinse with lukewarm water

Water temperature is important for rinsing. Both too high or too low is not good for your skin. If water temperature is too high, it may take away moisture.

If water temperature is too high,

  • Remove sebum too much
  • Wash away moisturizing ingredients

If water temperature is too low,

  • Pores will close and it makes hard to remove makeup
  • If your cosmetic products are for lukewarm water to remove, you won’t able to remove

Recommended products of cleasing NAME

Clinically formulated cleansing? That’s how great skin starts. Clinique’s dermatologists believe soap is best.

Our non-drying formula maintains protective lipids.
Works to loosen surface flakes. Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable?
Perfectly prepped for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion.

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 KOSE Infinity Tone Up WashKOSE – Infinity Tone Up Wash

Tone up wash soap from KOSE,Japan.

Results on Skin

  • A rich and elastic foam, it has a whipped cream-like texture which gently but firmly washes off all impurities.
  • Brightens & grants skin with fine texture.

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2.The essential factor: Moisturized skin

When face wash is done, prepare lotion and milky lotion.

Moisturizing is the essential factor for skin whitening. There are two major reasons for that.

  1. Retain moisture and keep your skin fine
  2. Increase light reflection effect and expect transparent skin

Many people think that moisturizing is not necessary because it is always high humidity in Philippines.

But it’s wrong!

When cuticle is moisturized, it will reflect more light and increase brightness and transparency.

Skin care to overcome dry skin

Dry skin, that may demotivate you.

It makes harder to do makeup and when my friend or loved one approaches, I feel like staying away!!

Here are some tips to overcome such dry skin!!

Use your palm to apply lotion

Use your palm to apply lotion

Do not scrub or slap your face.

Use your palm and touch your face nice and soft until lotion matches to skin.

Palm won’t hurt your skin.

When you apply base makeup, many of you may use cotton to apply. If you have delicate skin, it may damage capillaries. Which causes rough skin or reddish undertones.

Apply appropriate amount of lotion.

Apply appropriate amount of lotion.

If you apply too less, it may be too stimulus due to friction. Apply appropriate amount!

If you apply too less, it may not be effective but also has negative aspect. The typical negative aspect is the friction.

When lotion is applied too less, friction caused between hand skin or cotton and your skin may result in wrinkles or saggy.

If the amount is too less for cleansing, it may cause other problems due to not removing makeup properly.

  • The best amount for lotion is around 3-4 scoops worth.
  • The best amount for milky lotion is around the size of PHP1 on your palm.
  • The best amount for cream is around the size of red bean.

3.Take care of your skin from inside

Let’s take care of your skin from inside.

Take ingredients that will be good for anti UV, spot and dull skin.

1.Vitamin C

nutrition for your skin

Vitamin C!! If you want to take vitamin C in the morning, fruit is the best choice.

If you do not eat breakfast in general, why don’t you try with fruit smoothie.

Food that contains vitamin C: Acerola, kiwi fruits, Lemon, citrus fruit, paprika and so on.


Maybe you have heard of Ceramide because of ingredient in lotion.

Black bean or soybean contain ceramide and it is said to retain moisture in skin and have barrier function.

But hmm… maybe it is not easy to take beans everyday.

Ceramide in skin will retain moisture and make your skin watery.

Required amount of ceramide per day is said to be 600ÎĽg.

If it’s taken by food, it will be 25 cups of polished rice, 10 cups of brown rice or 3 plates of pasta.

Also some portion might be discharged… which means you should take more amount of those food.

So it is better to take ceramide by supplement.

Food that contains ceramide: Black bean, soybean, red bean, broccoli, milk and so on.



Lycopene = tomato, this is well known fact.

Lycopene is said to protect you from UV rays and retain water in your skin.

But some may not like this vegetable…

If you like tomatoes, eat a lot!

If you don’t like tomatoes, hmm you can try to cook in different way or eat pink grapefruits.

Food that contains lycopene: Cherry tomato, tomato, watermelon, pink grapefruits and so on.

You are trying hard to be beautiful by doing makeup.

That is very good thing. Therefore, let’s do the right skincare to get real beautiful skin.


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