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How to do thick eyebrow makeup.Tips for the eyebrow that affect your impression!!

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Eyebrow affect your facial impression.

That’s why it is little bit hard to do makeup! We are going to introduce thick eyebrow that are in trend now. How do you draw thick eyebrow?

What are recommended items? Starting tomorrow, you can try such a trendy eyebrow makeup!!

Important tips for eyebrow makeup is Shape

Since eyebrow is very important part that affect whole impression, it is not easy.

Let’s learn basis of eyebrow makeup!!

For any kind of eyebrow makeup, here are important points.

Focus on start, arch and end of eyebrow to do makeup. If you do it well, you can enjoy different makeup based on your mood or what you wear!

Recommended items

24 Styles Eyebrow Shaping Stencils Grooming Kit Makeup Shaper Template DIY Tool

If you are not sure which eyebrow makeup is good for you or if you are not yet good at drawing, this item may be for you.

All you need is apply it on eyebrow and trace your eyebrow.



Flat eyebrow brush with angled cut is easy to use.

If you want to make thick eyebrow, you have to have clear line. So choose something that is easy for you to use!!

The basics of how to shape eyebrow


Let’s start with shaping / balancing your eyebrow.

Use brush, comb or shaver as needed!!

  1. Keep the golden ratio of eyebrow shape in the mind and cut
  2. Comb neatly from start to end of the eyebrow
  3. Apply face shaver or cream & razor to shave peach fuzz around eyebrow
  4. Press your finger pad from start to arch of eyebrow and from arch to end of eyebrow, you will see excessive eyebrow. Then use scissors to cut those excessive eyebrow.
  5. When it comes to lower eyebrow, use eyebrow scissors to cut, use tweezer to pull them out, or shave them by face shaver or cream & razor
  6. If your eyebrow is not evenly grown, apply comb to bushy part and cut some of eyebrow vertically.

This is item that can comb your eyebrow. Brush and comb is very important for eyebrow makeup.

You can apply this face shaver not only to your eyebrow but also to whole face. It will be very convenient to have one!!

Micro Precision Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Bikini Face Hair Remover Wet Dry Shaver

To avoid messy eyebrow, set your eyebrow after cut. This step may give you better shaped eyebrow.

How to draw thick eyebrow?

thick eyebrow1
  1. Draw line first to define shape
  2. Apply powder to fill inside the line
  3. Draw where eyebrow is scarce

The most important part is 1.

Consider parallel line and proper width.

How to draw fluffy thick eyebrow

fluffy thick eyebrow
  1. Draw lines in parallel to avoid making arch of eyebrow
  2. Apply thick brush lightly
  3. Make eyebrow mascara fluffy too

Apply powder and brush to make eyebrow fluffy.

To maintain fluffy-ness, do not make eyebrow too clear.

Recommended item

Lash Shield Waterproofing Top Coat for Mascara & Brows

Apply this to finish your eyebrow makeup. It will protect your eyebrow makeup to last whole day.

Get the trendy thick eyebrow

We have introduced basic of eyebrow makeup, how to draw thick eyebrow or fluffy eyebrow.

Eyebrow makeup can change you a lot. We will introduce more and more eyebrow makeup!!

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