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How to deal with acne scars or reddish skin? The benefit of green base makeup.

Q. What is the advantage of Green base makeup?

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When you are doing makeup, you will realize reddish skin undertones and acne scars. You thought you have covered by foundation but it turned out not…

Here are good news for you. Green base makeup or color corrector can cover reddish skin undertones.

We will talk about advantage, how to use it and also recommended products.

Troubled with skin redness on your cheek or nose?

Are you concerned about reddish skin undertones on your cheek or nose? Though you applied foundation to cover, it will be uncovered later on. Do you know how to deal with such redness?

Green base makeup

Green base makeup

You might be little surprised to hear green base makeup.

But it is good for redness of the skin.

We will introduce you its advantage and how to use it. Price range varies so we are sure that you can find your favorite one.

Q. What is the advantage of Green base makeup?

Q. What is the advantage of Green base makeup?
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So what is the advantage of green base makeup?

Do you think green base makeup will turn into monster looking? No way, if green really absorbed in skin, it will appear very nice and beautiful.

The power of green correct redness

If you mix green and red, it will change to yellow.

That is the key.

Therefore, reddish skin undertones or acne scars are covered by green.

Maybe using green to cover red is a new idea!!

Green mixed with red turn yellow. The rule of the three primary colors of light is the reason.

By applying green base makeup on redness of skin, it will change redness to yellowish to make your skin looks clear.

The more united color, The transparent your skin will be

As redness is covered, skin color will be more even.

And that also creates clearer skin. Isn’t it nice to cover redness and get clearer skin?

Now you understood the advantage of the green base makeup. Let’s check how to apply!

Q. How to apply Green base makeup?


Basically, it will be same as other base makeup. Apply on the skin and spread it. Here below are some more tips.

Point: Apply green color corrector AFTER base makeup

If it is a corrector, apply it after base makeup.

If it is a base makeup, apply before foundation.

It is simply replace your usual base makeup.

Point: Do not apply too much

Be careful not to apply too much. It may cause white powder residue.

In general, you can apply little more on redness or any other part that you think it is needed.

You can also use brush or sponge to apply.

Q. What are recommended green base makeup or color corrector?

Here are recommended color corrector and base makeup.

As you see price varies so we are sure you will find your favorite one.

Low price products

Horec Lazy Makeup Supple Cream  (05 Green Color)

Helps you from different skin troubles like: Dull Skin, Red skin, Moisturizing, Calm, Blemishes. Best for all skin types

The Face Shop Air Cotton MakeUp Base SPF30 P++ (40g)

You can find The Face Shop in SM and Ayala malls.

  • Light Weight and Smooth touch makeup Base
    Its Cotton Content Keeps Moisture and Provides soft and Smooth finish
  • Clear and Bright coverage
    Making toned down skin to bright and clear skin look
  • Natural Looking face coverage Makeup
    Smart seed Hawaiian day coordinate with natural skin tone

Higher quality products

The Face Shop Gold Collagen Ampoule Makeup Base 02 Green

You can find The Face Shop in SM and Ayala malls.

  • Contains Gold & Collagen (1 ppm of gold and 950 ppm of hydrolyzed collagen)
  • Light reflecting powder blurs and hides wrinkles
  • Color corrects uneven skin tone for a flawless look
Nyx Professional Color Correcting Cream – Green Light/Medium

  • Boost your complexion with our Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 infused Color Correcting Cream.
  • This sheer foundation helps your skin look perfect. Watch the shades shift from green, lavender, or peach to a sheer natural looking skin tone.
  • Green pigment beads transform into a naturally nude lightweight foundation upon contact with skin neutralizing redness and resulting in a fresh revived complexion.

Redness and acne scars are well covered ♡

If you can do makeup well, you will be happier for sure!


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