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How to choose the right color corrector for you. Everyone has different skin type.


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We introduce you color corrector which take your base makeup to next level.

Firstly, let’s get to know your skin color and characteristics.

Followings are points for yellow, pink, green, orange, blue and purple color corrector.

We also introduce two recommended products.

Which color corrector matches you

Your friends may have recommended popular color corrector. But it did not match well with your skin… How come??

Perhaps, you haven’t recognize characteristic of your skin.

Everyone has different color and characteristic.

We introduce you how to define your skin type, characteristic of different colored color corrector and also recommend you few color correctors.

Let’s check your skin type.


There are several ways to check your skin type.

The easiest way is to check your blood vessels in the wrist.

The easiest way is to check your blood vessels in the wrist.
  • If your blood vessels are greenish, you may have yellow based skin.
  • If your blood vessels are blueish, you may have blue based skin.

Beige or orange makeup products matches for people with yellow based skin.

If you have blue based skin, pink makeup products will appear good on you.

If you want to make sure, go to cosmetic store and ask staffs.

I suggest you go to High Quality brand shops such as in Rustans because they are well trained.

Those skin colors and characteristics are mostly based on your genes.

In many cases, it will resemble to your parents. So it may be ask your mom or grandma about their skin care method or cosmetic products they use.

If you concern about acne, redness, dull skin or spot, you can consider to apply color corrector partially.

So which color makeup matches you?

Recognizing your skin characteristic, let’s check color corrector’s characteristics by different color.

It covers color unevenness and dull skin.

This is generic color and may work for many cases. If you are not sure which color to choose, why don’t you try with this?

If your complexion is a little bit pale, pink will be good for you.

It will make you look better and brighter. If you are sort of pale or maybe easy to get tired, you can try with this.

This color is recommended for people who concern redness of skin and acne scars.

This can be applied not by the whole area but more for spotted area.

Orange is good for covering dark circle under eyes and sagging.

If yellow can not cover dark spot or dark circle under eyes, maybe this will work.

This is good for those who want to have transparent clear skin. It will cover yellowish dull skin.

You can apply on your forehead and/or cheek and spread it to adjust skin color. But if you are pale, this color may turn worth.

This is good to tone up your skin. It will also add clearness to you.

It will cover yellowish dull skin and good as high lighting. You can take purple as combination of pink and blue.

Recommend products

After understanding characteristics of skin and color corrector, I am sure you are curious about recommended color correctors.

MUJI UV Base control color

MUJI UV Base control color

The first one we recommend is MUJI’s UV Base Control Color.

It really spreads but very light. It is also low price. You can choose colors from blue, pink and yellow.

LANEIGE – Water Supreme Primer Base(Light Pink)

LANEIGE - Water Supreme Primer Base(Light Pink)

A primer base with the supple Aqua Texture to smoothen the surface of skin as moisturizing primer and prepares it for your face makeup with moisture coating.

  1. Smooth Texture Free of Pores and Wrinkles
    Deep Dimension Water smoothly refines the surface of skin and fills the skin with the suppleness and plumpness of moisture coating to prepare your skin for makeup.
  2. Supreme Moisture
    Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and retains moisture all day long on the bottommost layer of makeup.
  3. Natural Skin Correction
    Subtle and natural color does not alter the tone of your face makeup, while enhancing your natural complexion.

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Color corrector will take your skin to next step

There are same numbers of makeup methods as numbers of girls. Let’s find the most suitable color corrector to you and bring up your skin to next level!!


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