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Don’t look like a Ghost! How to choose best foundation for you!

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Look Look! I put the foundation today! Maganda diba!?
Huy what happen to your foundation. You look like Sadako! Only your face is too white!
You should use the foundation with the color matches your skin color huh. Alright , I would explain it.

How do you choose your foundation color?

Aren’t you choosing just by your feeling?

If you are not sure which foundation best fit to you, we will let you know how to choose the best one for you.

Let’s get to know the right way to choose the best!!

1.Choose it at the bright place

It is better to choose foundation at the bright place.

If it’s dark, you can’t tell which color best fit to you.

If you are buying at department store, beauty consultants may help you.

But if you are choosing by yourself, you have to be careful that sometimes your hair make shadow on your face which makes it harder to find best fit foundation.

The best way is to see the color under natural light.

If you can’t do that, get close to bright light and check the color.

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You can check your foundation color anytime!Just put it in your bag. It can help you anytime.

2.Let’s apply foundation on the face

Let’s check the color by applying on the face at the cosmetic store.

It is better to try 2-3 foundations and compare.

If you are not sure which one is the best, ask your friends or store staffs !!

Usually, neck color is darker than the face.

If you choose based on neck color, it may appear nicely.

But if you want to choose brighter color, you can choose the color between neck and face skin color.

That will appear very natural and probably good for makeup beginners!

To check foundation color, apply it from back of ear to chin. This is important to know in order to make face line and neck similar.

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3.Get to know the standard color

Do you know that ever brand has their “standard color”?

If you are buying at cosmetic store, look for standard color first.

Then choose brighter, darker, yellowish, reddish or etc. than standard color which fit to you.

If you are choosing from relatively low price ones, it may say “standard skin color”.

If the brand has more color variations, it will be easier to find best fit color for you.

Perhaps beginners will choose from low priced ones? You can look at the name of colors to find best fit one!

Here are some standard color foundations from recommended brands.
Revlon Colorstay Makeup For Combination/Oily Skin (Fresh Beige)

180 Sand Beige is the standard for this. It will appear like real skin yet it will cover pores.

When you won’t have time to makeover, don’t worry! This type will last long hours! If you apply powder on top, it will last even longer!

Etude_House_New_Double_Lasting_FoundationEtude House New Double Lasting Foundation

Beige is the standard color for this. Choose the best out of 5 colors.

This one also last long and provide natural skin texture. It won’t get sticky so hair won’t stick to your face.

You can buy at SM malls around Philippines.


kate-base-zero-foundationEbuy Yu Portable Selfie Light Beauty Heart-shaped Flash Fill-in Light with Small Mirror

Base liquid foundation from Japanese brand KOSE.

02. Standard skin is the base color for this brand.

It covers pores’ roughness and make your skin even. It also covers color spotting without making it too thick.


Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

Maybelline is famous US cosmetic brand with affordable prices.

Maybelline liquid foundation has several colors to match every skin color.

NUDE BEIGE is one of their standard color. if you are tanned color type skin as like many Philippinos’ , CREAMY BEIGE would be your option too.

You can buy at SM malls around Philippines.

Tips for choosing foundation!

Let’s get to know how to choose best fit foundation for you♡

By knowing those tips, your makeup will be much better!!

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