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Don’t apply too much color on eyelash! How to use eyelash curler by different types of eyes.

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You can apply many colors to do makeup but you can also consider three dimensional makeup!

So we are going to introduce how to use eyelash curler for single eyelid, double eyelid and hidden double eyelid.

Let’s learn the basis of how to use eyelash curler and get the lovely eyelashes.

Don’t apply too much color on you!

When you do makeup, do you focus on applying colors by eyeshadow, blush or lipsticks?

Of course you can be very girly by applying colored makeup but you can also consider three dimensional makeup.

Some boys like more natural makeup than heavily colored makeup.

Using eyelash curler is very important!

According to the research by professor Abramov, when female and male see same thing, female has tendency to see the color warmer.

Additionally, female has higher capability to discriminate colors.


Men are said to have lower discrimination ability to identify colors.

Therefore, three dimensional makeup can be better than applying many colors makeup to be liked by men.

We are going to introduce the basic technique of how to use eyelash curler to make three dimensional eyelashes.

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How to use eyelash curler?

Use mascara base to maintain curl of eyelashes

As you have curled, let’s use the mascara base makeup that can maintain the curl up to the evening.

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber in Eyelash Mascara Base

The mascara base makeup that turn half transparent after it get dried.

It contains fiber that means it may look your eyelashes longer.

Wipe lump away!

To make sexy eyes, remove lumps from mascara so that you can apply evenly.

Bind blush by folded tissue paper and wipe excessive mascara. Rotate mascara to make it even to prevent lumps.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

the compact blush type mascara. This blush is light and easy to apply.

This can be also good for people with single or double eyelid.

Mind the angle

Sometimes eyelashes can be curled too much. So the point for people with double eyelid is to curl from the base of eyelash up to 45 degrees little by little. You do not need to go hard.

Apply curler in about 45 degrees and use only 30% of strength to curl.

You may feel that your eyelashes haven’t curled enough. But don’t curl too much, that is the key.

Watch video and learn how to do it.

For the inner corner and the tail of the eye

If you are the one who is having hard time to curl eyelashes at the inner corner or the tail of the eye, try this one! Use the edge of curler and pinch eyelashes at the inner or the tail of the eye. Then curl them. It will be curled nicely like fan shaped.

Use the edge of the curler and pinch eyelashes at the corner of the eye.

After you pinched, curl them lightly. If you use too much strength, your eyelashes will curl weirdly. In order to separate each eyelash, maintain certain angle of the curler to curl it.

Girly feminine you can be presented without applying too many colors!

Let’s master the most suitable way to use eyelash curler!

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