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Do you want to have glitter on moistured eyelid? This is the eye shadow for that!!

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Do you want to be attractive when you open your eyes, blinking or even your eyes are closed?

Do you want to have moistured eyelid with glitter? It is not hard to get!!

We will introduce you several different cosmetic products. Let’s add one more step to your daily makeup to make your day more exciting♡

Do you do same makeup everyday?

Girls do makeup… almost every day. But if it’s same makeup, isn’t it boring?

A day you want to do simple makeup.
A day you want to do full makeup.

Different mood by different day.

Do you want to have some change? Why don’t you have different eye makeup today?

Shine and glitter

Brightness and feminine transparency.

Attractive glittering eyelids.

Eyeshadow will make you look like that…
Here are some recommended items… ♡

Cosmetics at a reasonable price

CANMAKE – Jewry Shadow Vale

canmake jewelry shadow veil

”01 Innocent Crystal” (left) “02 Romantic Gold” (right)

These are big and small glitters. They are really good.

Just apply over the eye shadow and you will get glitter.

Or you can apply only on eyelid that makes your lips highlighted.

If you are going to concert, you can apply on your cheek or around your eyes.

↓learn more about how to apply↓


As you see in the video, if you apply you will see the glitter.

When you need to remove, just use brush or finger and swipe gently. You will find out how easy it is to remove.

Canmake - Jewelstar Eyes (#01 Crystal Silver)Canmake – Jewelstar Eyes (#01 Crystal Silver)

This glitter can suit to many colors of eyeshadow.

It is so convenient to have one to add difference to your makeup.


Jewelry Shadow Veil 02Canmake – Jewelry Shadow Veil (#02 Romantic Gold)

The eyeshadow that contains both small and large sparkle.

It is popular in SNS. It can be used in different occasions.


KOSE Visee – Riche Glossy Rich Eyes


Put it on your fingers and you will realize its smoothness. It has wet-like texture and add you shine. It contains decent amount of glitters and also able to add gradation.

This is how it looks like. Its burgundy looks not too pink yet very girly. Isn’t it cute?

KOSE VISEE Glossy Rich Eyeshadow Pk-3

Just put it on your finger and try it. It is so smooth and easy to apply.

The color is bright and just by having this, you can also make gradation.

Get more luxurious cosmetics!!

JILLSTUART – Jelly Eye Color

JILLSTUART - Jelly Eye Color

It is really watery and transparent. It will make you look elegant.

Packaging is also cute and just by having it you may feel you got cuter.
Watch video to know more!!


You can see how it shines and glitters. Don’t you want to try once?

JILLSTUART - Jelly Eye ColorJILLSTUART – Jelly Eye Color

There are 10 colors such as Diamond Snow, Brown Bijou, Rose romance, Amethyst Dew and so on.

Find your favorite color 🙂

Buy on Sephora



You can’t forget ADDICTION.

It shines! It is bright!! One color can make you look gorgeous!!

This is how it looks like.


Pretty pink will make you look girly.

ADDICTION Beauty The Eyeshadow 080

Features delicate gradations and texture that express the unique design by makeup artist AYAKO.

Simple and cute!

Above eyeshadow products can make you look pretty just by one color.

If you gradate it, you can’t believe it was done by one color.

Gradation… here is one more item that we want to introduce.

LANEIGE – Two Tones Shadow Bar


LANEIGE is Korean cosmetic product.

It is stick type eye shadow and two colors are combined one.

Just apply it once then you are prepared to do gradation. Then use brush or your finger to make it gradated.

It is quite easy to do it so.. You don’t have to be afraid of doing it.

LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar_ Colors : No 4. Coffee Bronze

It may be a bit pricey but something you should try. White and bright color can be used as highlight.

When you see someone at first time, don’t you remember him because of his eyes?

If your eyes have done good makeup, your impression will be good.

Eye makeup that will make you look cute and also yourself.

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