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Do you have eyeshadow other than brown? Here are some recommendations of different colors♡

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Do you use brown eyeshadow all the time?

If you think you need change or interested but hesitant for change, please read our article!!

We have recommendations of new colors. It will be good for you to know how to use different colored eyeshadows!

Do you use brown eyeshadow all the time?

If you are the one who uses brown eyeshadow all the time, why don’t you try something different?

If you want to create different you, try changing the color of eyeshadow.

Here are makeups with different colored eyeshadow!!

Red and Pink eyeshadows for Girly makeup

Red and Pink eyeshadows for Girly makeupRed and Pink eyeshadows for Girly makeup

Here is red and pink eye makeup that creates girly atmosphere.

But you may be afraid of your eyes may look puffy. This can be good for a person like you!

This is recommended for those who are hesitant to use single pink. The combination of a little dark pink and brown will make you look sharp yet still girly.

Maybe you can apply brown mascara and eyeliner at same time!!


Coral / Orange eye makeup!

Coral / Orange eye makeup!Coral / Orange eye makeup!

Coral color eye makeup is good for spring and orange color eye makeup is good for summer.

Watch those videos to know how to do it! The point for coral and orange makeup is eyeliner and eyelashes.


Accentuate your eyes is the key. Try to avoid blurry impression.

If you use orange color eyeshadow, you will look warm.

Apply it not only eyelid but also lower eyelid and eye bag lightly. Choose the orange that is sheer which fit to cheek and lip.

It will create natural transparent impression.

Recommended items♡

cezanne-lip-gloss01CEZANNE – Gel Gloss Lip (#01 Coral)

Transparent coral colored gloss.

It’s finish glows without stickiness.

It fits with the combination of orange and coral.


Gorgeous gold eye makeup♡


If you want to have stand out eyes, gold colored eye makeup is it!

If you apply to whole eyelid, it will be bright and gorgeous! Gold plus different color can be exciting too!!


This is the combination of gold and brown eye makeup. If it is gold alone, it may be too shiny at ordinary times.

By combining with brown, it will create natural golden eye makeup. Sprinkle gold eyeshadow is the key!!

So what do you think?

What we introduced isn’t hard to do. If you want to make some change to your makeup, please give a try!

We are sure that you will find out different you!!


Please share! 🙂