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Difference between eyelash extension and falsies

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It is said that originally falsies became popular.

But now, in terms of eyelash beauty, there are people who like eyelash extension!

Allow me to explain the differences between eyelash extensions and falsies.

There are several differences between eyelash extension and falsies.

The biggest difference is how they looks.

Eyelash extension looks much more natural.

Falsies have lines at the root. Which means, it is more like an eye line,making it more obvious.

On the other hand, eyelash extension is attached to natural eyelashes one by one manually. Therefore, direction of each eyelash will be so natural and even if natural eyelashes grow longer, its condition will be kept.

Of course, if you attach eyelash extensions which do not match with your eyelashes, it is more likely to look unnatural.

But in general, as long as you attach eyelash extensions that match with your natural lashes, it will look natural.

Furthermore, eyelash extensions are custom-made. Every piece of eyelash extension is designed.

Highly-skilled eyelash professional can mix several different length, curl and thickness and attach them to you.

Eyelash extensions are Waterproof!!

Eyelash extension is Waterproof!!

Falsies do not have much resistant to water. It may easily get washed off by water, sebum or dirt on your skin. If you wash your face (even tears)  can make them easyly fall off.

Just a blink may let it fell off too.

But when it comes to eyelash extensions, since they are glued, it won’t be easyly to washed off by water.

Eyelash extensions are suggested at events where you can’t help but cr such as marriage ceremony.

If you are an athlete, of course eyelash extensions are better. Compared to falsies, eyelash extensions will be hold through swimming, tennis, golf and so on.

Professional sports players also apply eyelash extensions over falsies for this reason.

Other advantages of Eyelash Extension!!

Falsies are attached to skin directly.

So sometimes, when you take it off, some your natural eyelashes fall off as well. If you have sensitive skin, it may damage your skin or root of hair.

Since eyelash extensions are attached not to skin but to eyelash, any effects to the skin is minimal.

Natural eyelashes grow like hair.

If you damage natural eyelashes or roots of the hair, the numbers of natural eyelashes may decrease, or it may easy for them to fall off.

The other advantage of eyelash extensions is, as mentioned above, they are custom-made so that the finish can vary.

Again, there are differences between eyelash extensions and falsies.

People who love eyelash extensions better say it is more natural, waterproof and does less damage to your natural eyelashes.

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