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Beautiful skin seeker should know pre-lotion


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Do you know what is pre-lotion?

If you apply lotion right after face wash, you should try pre-lotion!

So let’s talk about pre-lotion!!

What is pre-lotion?

What is pre-lotion?

Pre-lotion, as its name implies, it is lotion that should be applied before lotion.

It is said that pre-lotion helps lotion to be absorbed into skin easily.

It also make your skin soft and retain moisture so it is very useful for people with dry skin.

Pre-lotion is usually very light and you can apply a lot at a time.

Wipe type pre-lotion

Usually wipe type is used right after your face wash so it is a kind of pre-lotion.

Use cotton and wipe your face gently to remove cuticles and clean your face.

Especially this type will not only moisturizing but also clean pores and remove cuticles.

Some of this type may have peeling function yet since it is lotion, the functionality is very mild.

Shiseido product, Eudermine

This is long selling Shiseido product, Eudermine.

This wipe type and once popular in SNS.

Many girls uploaded pretty pink bottle in Instagram.

This can be used as lotion after face wash or make remover on a day of natural makeup.

Tradition lotion! If you have natural makeup, this can work as makeup remover too!

Lotion type pre-lotion

You can find this type easily in the drug stores.

This lotion is suitable as pre-lotion to let lotion absorbed into skin. This type is used as primary lotion. After applying pre-lotion, lotion will be absorbed easily.

You can take this step as “warm up for skin care”

The skin conditioner that adjust your skin acidity mild. This can be used as pre-lotion which support lotion to be absorbed with ease.

Pretty pink bottled lotion. Let’s apply by hand or cotton.

Muji’s Pre-Lotion


This is also popular in Instagram. It became too popular that the product was sold out in both online and offline shopping.

It contains natural ingredients which will make your skin soft. This one is also recommended for for people with sensitive skin.

Spray type pre-lotion


The last one is spray type. There is spray type pre lotion.

Spray type can spread to your whole face and moisturize evenly. This can be good in the morning before doing makeup. It is also good for fixing your makeup. It’ll be useful to have one in your bag.

This is pre lotion after face wash. The lotion will be absorbed easily.

This is hot spring water bottled in a spray. Apply it after taking a bath.

Avene Thermal Spring Water

This is developed for sensitive skin.

It is also suitable for girls with sensitive skin in their period.

In some SNS, someone said her skin became milder.

Spray type can be also applied to moisturize at fixing makeup.

It contains French natural spring water and it will moisturize skin tenderly.

Find your pre-lotion

If you haven’t tried pre lotion, why don’t you try it today?

You will realize how lotion absorbed into your skin and moisturized skin. Let’s find your best pre-lotion!!


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