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Be confident of bare skin without foundation. How to do natural and young makeup.

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No foundation makeup is natural makeup without foundation.

We will introduce how to do such makeup. By doing makeup without foundation, you can realize the importance of your skin itself so that you can look after your skin more than before. Why don’t you try it once!!

Bye bye foundation!

Bye bye foundation!

Usually people apply foundation to cover rough skin or spot.

Here we introduce how to do makeup without foundation.

No foundation makeup will be very natural so it may appear younger than usual makeup.

But if you are not ready yet to do makeup without foundation, let us introduce how to prepare!!

3 Advantages of no foundation makeup and how to prepare

Here are 3 advantages of no foundation makeup.

  1. Less burden to your skin
    You can reduce the burden of cleansing to your skin.
  2. Long lasting makeup
    Sometimes you have to do makeup again during a day because of foundation.
    As you don’t use foundation, there are less chances to do makeup again.
    Also, you can shorten the time for makeup too.
    So we believe this is suitable for busy person to save time in the morning or makeup again in the afternoon.
  3. Be aware of skin condition
    If you are applying foundation in usual base, you may think that you can cover rough skin and spot.
    But if it’s no foundation makeup, you can be aware of skin condition.

By doing no foundation makeup, your makeup lasts longer.

Reducing the burden, you will look young and natural.

But the advantages are not only appearance but also effective that you can save time for makeup.

Also you will be more careful for your skin condition for no foundation makeup.

That being said, you will be more confident of your skin!!

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Step1:Base makeup


Skin care is the most important factor for no foundation makeup.

As you won’t apply foundation to cover rough skin, you will need to moisturize to make base skin.

After applying skin lotion, milky lotion or cream, please wait for 5 minutes. Then apply primer. This will make primer matches well.

Do not forget to apply sunblock or any primer with UV protection as you don’t apply foundation.

Primer is very important that it is usually less stimulus to your skin than foundation and you can also expect protection from sunlight with UV protection containing one.

If you are hesitant to do no foundation makeup, you can also choose primer with color such as yellow or purple.

excel concealer

If you want to cover spot or shadow under your eyes, you can apply color concealer or mineral foundation that can be wash away by soap or face wash.

That will reduce the burden to the skin.


Lastly, apply face powder.

Primer (sunblock) + powder is the base for no foundation makeup.

Powder will cover pores and also it will support long lasting makeup.

CEZANNE UV Silk Face Powder 02 Natural

This powder will give you clear skin. It is not only for making your skin clear but also absorb unnecessary sebum to keep your makeup last long.

It is also SPF28/PA+++ and protect you from Ultraviolet ray. It is very mild that you can wash away by face wash.

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Mineral Foundation

If you think primer is not enough because of your skin condition, you can apply mineral foundation.

Mineral foundation is less stimulus to your skin and also it can reduce burden of cleansing.

etvos bare mineral foundationETVOS – Creamy Tap Mineral Foundation SPF 25 PA++

This is very mild foundation that you can even fall asleep without washing it away.

It is SPF25/PA+++ that it is useful for daily life.

It can also cover some or skin issues and make you look very natural. As it is 100% natural mineral, you can remove just by a soap.

So the burden to your skin is minimum.


Let’s do no foundation makeup and keep your skin natural and young.

You will be more sensitive to your skin condition and perhaps you will gain more confidence of your skin!

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